Ghost of Tsushima Codex Download Version PC 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Codex Download Version PC 2020

It’s already Ghost of Tsushima Codex Download. Action sandbox created by the Sucker Punch studio, responsible, among other things, for the inFamous series. The player settles on the title of the Japanese island of Cushima (Tsushima), where as a 13th century samurai, he fights with a Mongol invader to avenge the death of his family and loved ones. Year 1274. On the Asian continent, the Mongol empire is governed in an almost indivisible way. Its leaders covet the wealth of feudal Japan with an avid eye. Khan Kubilaj finally decides to invade. Its first destination is Cushima Island, located exactly in the middle of the Strait of Korea.

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Ghost of Tsushima Codex Download PC

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During the attack, Mongolian forces massacred one of the villages. Among the victims were the family and friends of the main character of the game, a samurai, who believes in the defense of the Land of Cherry Blossoms. He manages to escape with his life. From this moment, the main objective of the protagonist is to avenge his relatives and arrest the Mongols. To do this, he must forget the traditions of the samurai and learn a new way of fighting – the style of the Spirit. Like the productions of the brand InFamous, Ghost of Tsushima Codex Download is a third-person open-world action game that can be explored on foot or on horseback.

The creators have focused on the stealth system. The enemy forces are overwhelming, so although the title has a wide range of weapons – from katanas to bows – direct confrontation with opponents is not always the wisest idea. Sneaking is not a matter of intelligence. The player has a lot of gadgets at his disposal to distract opponents – including smoke bombs. In Ghost of Tsushima, the developers abandoned the classic marker system that guides the player towards the objectives of the mission. Instead, this function is fulfilled by elements of the environment – characteristic tracks or waypoints.

This is to encourage players to explore the world of gaming more closely. Ghost of Tsushima crack Download takes place on the eponymous island, entirely open to exploration. The environment is very diverse – from bamboo forests, through small villages to Buddhist temples. The creators have ensured that all places faithfully reproduce their real appearance. Thanks to this solution, the gaming world has grown in depth and has become one of the main heroes in history. Since the release of the next Ghost of Tsushima trailer at the Game Awards, we have learned that so far we have only seen a small piece of the open game world.

The creators have also taken care that they do not want to direct the player by the hand, and therefore, for example, limit the number of markers on the screen. About Ghost of Tsushima crack Download, the new Sucker Punch action game for PlayStation 4, we heard for the first time in 2017. Although the title was not officially announced for 2019, many of us were hoping to be able to play it this year. Thanks to this year’s new Game Awards trailer, we already know that we can’t expect this game until the summer of 2020, although some sources have already scheduled similar dates.

The creators of Sucker Punch studio have been working on their work for over 5 years and thank you for your patience, explaining that this is the biggest game they have made so far. Although we didn’t learn anything new from the presentation itself at the gala, Sucker Punch communications manager Andrew Goldfarb shared some interesting details with us in the PlayStation blog. He assures us that the fragments of the game Ghost of Tsushima pc download from previously published material is only a small fraction of the whole, and the open world will be even bigger than you think.

However, there’s no denying that nowadays the reign of sandboxes is rather a standard and does not seem particularly impressive, even taking into account that parts of the game of the trailer were generated on the engine of By the way, it should also be noted that the developers promise not to enter tags (or at least to strictly limit them). This means that if we see a beautiful location nearby, there is nothing to stop us from going there, but we will not see any indication that would encourage us to do so.

From this statement by artistic director Jason Connell, we can conclude that Ghost of Tsushima pc download is not going to lead us by the hand, which is in opposition to contemporary trends. While it sounds encouraging, won’t it be bold? It should be recalled here how surprising it was to introduce two options from which to choose in the case of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I wonder how this game would be accepted by the gaming community if the developers decided to completely remove the markers? Andrew Goldfarb did not fail to encourage players to visit the official PlayStation store, as the first gadgets related to Ghost of Tsushima appeared there. PC games download

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