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The latest pc game The Riftbreaker Free Download is here. If you don’t know what you see in the photos attached to the text, don’t be afraid, because often I didn’t know during the game. However, that didn’t stop me from having a great time. The Riftbreaker, the latest project from Polish studios EXOR, known for example from X-Morph: Defense, already shows a lot of potential at the current stage of production.

This title takes us to the distant planet Galatea 37, which we are supposed to colonize in the skin (or rather the moss) of Captain Ashley S. Nowak. The essence of the game is therefore to set up a base and its layout, as well as to defend against the attacks of local fauna unhappy with the visit of the newcomer. Therefore, it is important not only to ensure a supply.

The Riftbreaker Free Download

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Continuous in raw materials and electricity necessary for its power (which can be obtained with the help of wind turbines and solar panels, but also by processing raw materials or corpses of defeated creatures), but also appropriate guarantees to protect our infrastructure against uninvited guests. .

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On my first attempt I made a blameworthy mistake and built my base not far from where my foam was dropped. It is true that the area was full of resources, but the open terrain meant that the threat could come from all sides, which ultimately resulted in the enemy breaking through the line of defense and having to flee. The next time around, I found a comfortable gorge that provided me with natural protection from east and west, which helped me survive the next waves of hundreds of aliens.

The Riftbreaker Free is primarily a two-stick shooter enriched with a base building element. We pass everything inside a combat robot equipped with a machine gun on one arm and a blade on the other, which we can co-opt, among other things, over time. flamethrower or rocket launcher, and upgrade the robot with the help of “balls” falling from monsters, giving us even more health.

This is important because the initial groups of 20-30 space dogs, before we know it, literally morph into hundreds of rhino-like creatures supported by the aforementioned dogs and ‘earth mantises, unless we don’t deal with the good in advance, upgrading your mech and fortifications around the base.

The time between successive waves is therefore not only a great opportunity to deal with it, but also gives us a moment to breathe, ensuring the game has the right balance between combat and the economic part of the game. as much as these moments of rest are devoid of tension. On the contrary! We constantly feel time flowing through our fingers, when the next wave’s counter counts down the seconds, The Riftbreaker download pc and we have so much to build – the northern breach in the wall has still not been sealed, the damaged thermogenerator has disrupted the power supply. electric to the towers, and the iron mine remains without any reinforcement.

Unfortunately, the combination of the double-sleeve shooter and economic strategy also has some unpleasant consequences – mainly in the sphere of control. By playing on the pad, which is as God commanded in the case of double-handle shooters, we will unfortunately get tired of building the base. The precision and speed of the mouse will be lacking, and the cursor itself (used only to indicate a field on the map) too often likes to stick to buildings already erected.

The Riftbreaker Download PC

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The mouse and keyboard, on the other hand, will prove to be less comfortable during combat. The game’s fairly unintuitive menu also requires some polishing, which attacks the player with dozens of options, which, combined with the lack of a meaningful tutorial, means we have to understand most of them by trial and error.

However, it should be remembered that The Riftbreaker doesn’t even have a specific release date yet, so all of these shortcomings can be improved. Going forward, the game will also have a full-fledged story mode, which I was only able to lick in the half-hour prologue. A certainly important part of The Riftbreaker Download is and will be the Survival Mode, which will challenge us to survive more and more waves of enemies until the portal is launched to bring us back to Earth.

The creators also mentioned that they will want to add network co-op to the game in the future, which will certainly not only be enjoyable but also make it easier for players to grapple with the hostile wildlife of Galatea 37. Also check Forza Horizon 5

Interesting fact, The Riftbreaker torrent has implemented streaming tools, thanks to which, after connecting their account on Twitch or (even) Mixer to the game, our viewers will be able to vote by voting on our fate by sending us acid rain or by giving us raw materials. The Riftbreaker therefore has enormous potential not only as a good game, but also as an object of interest to streamers. So I’ll be watching the game’s progress with great interest and maybe even consider replacing a few computer components to avoid any slowdown when the screen is flooded with thousands of angry aliens.

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