The Medium Codex Download PC 2021 Game Crack

The Medium Codex Download PC 2021 Game Crack

The Medium Codex Download

The Medium Codex Download is a Polish horror movie inspired by the Silent Hill series. We play the role of a woman who can see ghosts and tries to unravel the mystery of the murder of a child. The production is another work of the talented Krakow-based Bloober Team. The Medium is a horror film in which we play the role of a woman who can see the world of ghosts (the title medium). The protagonist tries to unravel the mystery of a child’s death. The title was developed by the Krakow studio Bloober Team (creators of Observer, Blair Witch and the Layers of Fear series).

The Medium Codex Download PC 2021 Game Crack

The Medium takes place in the 1990s in Krakow. The main character is Marianne, who is the title medium. The heroine experiences visions showing her the death of an innocent child and decides to solve this mystery. To do this, he has to go to the abandoned Niwa Hotel, which was in the hands of communists in the past. The Medium Codex Download is quite a classic horror game in which the action is observed from a third person perspective (the so-called TPP camera). The fun here is exploring locations, solving puzzles and dealing with various dangers (in particular with the monster known as the Maw).

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Game Review The Medium Codex Download PC

The production uses an interesting mechanics of moving between two worlds – thanks to her supernatural skills, the protagonist can see the world of ghosts and influence it. This ability is often the key to finding solutions to puzzles and opening passages to new places. Marianne also has several other unusual abilities, such as leaving her body (this allows you to reach inaccessible locations), surrounding herself with shields that make it difficult for ghosts, or sending a wave of energy that threatens them.

We can only play The Medium Codex Download alone. The basis of the game is a story campaign. The Medium has very attractive three-dimensional graphics. Both the locations and characters are really detailed and interesting. The lighting system, which creates a heavy, dark atmosphere, also makes a great impression. It is worth noting that the designs are inspired by the surreal works of the famous Polish painter – Zdzisław Beksiński. In turn, Akira Yamaoka (known for his work on the Silent Hill series) and Arkadiusz Reikowski (the creator of music for previous productions of the Bloober Team studio) are responsible for the soundtrack of this production.

The Medium Codex Download

“Polish Silent Hill” – this term comes to mind when looking at the latest game from Bloober Team studio: The Medium. It often appears in the descriptions of the impressions from the trailers, the creators themselves confirm that the cult second part of this famous Japanese series is for them a full version masterpiece of all time and an absolute model of the best horror movie. Fortunately, in this case it is mainly about inspiration, not blind copying and The Medium pc Download combines other patterns well, and at the same time adds a lot of its own character. I was able to find out about it recently, during a special presentation of the game and a remote meeting with the developers.

The Medium codex crack

When asked about the other sources that influenced them the most, I heard a whole list of extremely atmospheric games, films and series. The color palette and the overall atmosphere are based on such paintings as The Dark and Chernobyl. Other Japanese horror films, such as The Medium Codex Download Fatal Frame and Forbidden Siren, and games like Hellblade, Amnesia and What Remains of Edith Finch also had a big impact.

One cannot forget about the graphic works of Zdzisław Beksiński, which were the main source of inspiration for the entire visual style of The Medium Codex Download. From the Silent Hill series and the first installments of Resident Evil, another showpiece of the game was borrowed – a predefined camera.

The Medium Codex Download

The Medium Codex crack will not be a traditional TPP game, i.e. with a view from behind the character’s back. Predefined camera angles were chosen, not only to pay tribute to the aforementioned horror series or even to classics such as Alone in the Dark. Showing the action in this way gives, above all, a much more cinematic experience and allows the creators to build the atmosphere more easily by showing different scenes from the right perspective.

The decision to abandon the classic TPP was made after long tests and discussions. Another important argument was that the defined camera angles encourage more careful exploration. It is difficult to imagine any other choice if you take into account the key feature the medium codex crack of the game, i.e. the so-called a double world: real and spiritual.

The Medium pc Download

Showing the operation of the “dual world” system in action was the main point of the program during the 20-minute long presentation of the The Medium Codex Download  game. Functioning in one or the other dimension is not an option, but an element closely related to a specific moment in the plot.

Depending on this, we will have to control the main character, Marianne, in the real or spiritual world, and sometimes observe both simultaneously. Then the screen becomes split like a couch co-op, and we see the same location in two versions during one scene.

Both dimensions differ significantly not only in terms of am looking for a visual style and functionality. Many environmental puzzles were based on this mechanics. We have seen Marianne, for example, being encouraged by the ghost of a girl to enter the first floor of an abandoned hotel. In the real world, you The Medium Codex Download can get there by elevator because the stairs are broken, but when the cabin door is blocked, the exit only exists in the spirit world.

The Medium pc Download

The heroine we control, as the title medium endowed with paranormal abilities, can then use the ability to leave her own body. He freezes in the real dimension to move freely in the spiritual realm. Depending on the problem to be solved, The Medium Codex Download will need to manipulate objects in one world or the other. There is also a limitation in this mechanic, because Marianne cannot stay outside her body for too long. Her spirit begins to fade after some time, which encourages specific actions.


The Medium Codex Download PC

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