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Adventure and action game Stray Download TPP in which we play the role of a cat moving through a cyberpunk city, inhabited, however, not by people, but by robots. Stray is a production created by Blue Twelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The story of stray takes place in a cyberpunk world where humanity is not even a memory anymore. Our place was taken by robots, which, moreover, did not differ in their behavior from typical people.

Stray Download PC Game

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However, it’s not just the synthetics who live in the town where the action takes place. There is also a lonely cat, the main character of the game. He has been separated from his family and must leave the metropolis to find her. However, this will only be possible after the ancient mystery has been solved. Over time, the cat befriends the flying drone B12. This machine helps the protagonist out of a lot of trouble.

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Stray is a game for which the term “destined for success” fits perfectly. Even if its creators didn’t want it (for some reason), they couldn’t fail with such an idea for this title. Even if I spread it top to bottom in this review and didn’t leave a dry thread on it, I wouldn’t stop the crowds from pre-ordering it. Because… have you seen that kitten? How cute ! How cute is this game! What wonderful animations! Shut up and take my money!

Luckily, I won’t smear the Stray full version. On the contrary, I would rather praise this position, and with enough enthusiasm. First, though, I owe you a descriptive layer – because you have every right to ask yourself, “Is this game anything other than an adventure game?” The creators of the Blue Twelve studio were not very precise in presenting the gameplay in their work.

How long does it take to finish Stray PC?

Stray will only take five hours to complete. It is a relatively short indie iii game. You may be able to beat him sooner or later depending on your speed. There are 27 collectibles to find in each chapter of Stray Download, which could definitely increase your runtime.

The movements of the cat

If one were to search for an adequate genre classifier for Stray pc game, the well-worn term “action adventure” would be the most appropriate – with a strong indication of “adventure” rather than “action”. Arcade sequences – such as escaping hordes of monster monsters or quasi-stealth stages – occur regularly, but are only a pause. The fact that they are just an add-on is evidenced by the fact that the option to change the difficulty level is not included here.

So what do we do most of the time? We explore, hire NPCs, collect items, solve puzzles, do mischief, and jump on platforms. This last aspect may also seem clever, but in fact, it does not contain such an element at all. It’s more like parkour in the Assassin’s Creed series, and even more like overcoming obstacles in the latest God of War – just press a button and the hero does his thing. You can only jump in designated places, so you don’t even risk dying by jumping into the abyss.

Generally, Download Stray is not a game that offers challenges, whether it be puzzles or action scenes. It is, colloquially speaking, a game of self. Sometimes it is enough to think for a moment about the way to the destination or to look for a nook and a cranny on which we have not yet set our noses. Only the aforementioned stealth-based stages can be tedious at times, as the controls lack precision and checkpoints are placed there quite rarely.

Robot cartoons

I guess many of you weren’t thrilled with what you read. To understand the power of stray torrent, you have to appreciate things like the atmosphere, the story, the visual design of the world… and the cats, of course. It’s primarily a game for cat lovers, and at the same time it tackles cyberpunk issues in an intriguing way. As a result, we get a work whose individual components, considered separately, do not deviate from the norm in terms of workmanship, but together create a unique production.

As for the aforementioned cat lovers, I think they will fall in love with the Stray Download in less than a minute. They just have to notice the softness in the eyes of the digital furries and see how carefully Blue Twelve cares. Reproduces the behavior of cats – this is a level of animation craftsmanship almost comparable to Red Dead Redemption 2 (despite the fact that, of course, incomparably fewer people worked on this game).

Cyberpunk sympathizers will need more than a minute to fall in love with Stray. It will take some time for the plot to take off – but when it does, it becomes clear that the search for the foursome hero. Paws to Go Home is, in fact, just the background of the actual story that Stray Free is gradually unfolding before us.

Game action location

The action takes place in a city built under a concrete dome – built for people to take shelter from conditions on the Earth’s surface, but today inhabited only by “humanized” robots. I don’t want to reveal anything more, so as not to spoil the pleasure of learning this story. I’ll just add that I’ve occasionally had associations with NieR: Automata. Stray may not be so strongly philosophical, but it can also be thought provoking. And evoke emotions – especially in the final.

Video game Stray free

Exploring the universe created by Blue Twelve is all the more enjoyable because the places are fabulous and exude a special atmosphere. This is largely due to the environment designers, who took care of the detailed and full environment. Character with a rich palette of atmospheric colors, as well as sound engineers and music composer (Yanna van der Cruyssen). Thanks to the work of the latter, The Stray pc game can sometimes even turn into a thriller. Better not to play with young children, the 12+ age category did not come out of nowhere.

Nevertheless, there is also a note of humor that comes through in a natural and unpretentious way. Where there are cats, he simply cannot miss. The very animations of our quadruped bring a smile, and there are also typical cat interactions with the environment, such as throwing dishes from the edge of shelves or sharpening claws on walls and sofas. Oh, the Internet phenomenon has turned into a video game.

Stray Torrent

How to download and install Stray Game?

1. Click the Download Game button.
2. Download the game on PC.
3. Run the downloaded file.
4. Go through the installation game process.
5. After installing the game start.
6. To play.

Without major drawbacks, but little time

Defaults ? It is difficult to name them. I mentioned one direction that lacks precision – in more object-dense areas, the cat doesn’t always jump in the intended direction. However, this is a minor ailment, felt best in the aforementioned near-stealth sequences.

Additionally, I might point out various subtle clashes in the narrative or design of individual tasks. Things that aren’t worth discussing in detail in isolation, but which, put together, make Stray full version a little further from the ideal. Some nonsense here, a slightly broken camera there, elsewhere a path to the lens that is not clearly traced.

You have to pay for the “hype”

Therefore, another elephant enters the room – the price is around 21 euros. Annapurna Interactive (publisher) obviously added to the cost of Stray Download all the “hype” that has been created around this title. And it’s no wonder she allowed herself to rip off a little more than. Average stake in the indie sector, to thousands of players charmed by the trailers. Wui saw a cute kitten wrapped in a shape that successfully mimics the AAA game. It’s just called an opportunity.

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