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Tabletop Creator

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Tabletop Creator Free Download


Tabletop Creator is all you need to start designing, prototyping and testing your game idea. Create your different game components, customize them and export your game to get a physical copy or to play it online! Features Flexible panels: create your models with panels of any shape and type: slike, text, QR codes, rounded corners, icons, mirror values… Plan editor: design your models once and quickly build components with them. Update them anytime and see your changes instantly. Collections Manager: Bulk edit all your game components, organize them into sets in a global centralized view. Print and Read…: Get a printable PDF with proper bleed, crop marks, collapsible PnP, in any color format or paper size you want with just one click. … or Render and Play: Prepare your assets to be imported into a digital game testing environment like Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia in seconds.


  • КОСТ: Виндовс 10 64 мало
  • Процесор: 2.3ГХз
  • Меморија: 2048MB RAM
  • Графика: 2048MB VRAM
  • ДирецтКс: Издање 11
  • Складиште: 400МБ


1- Преузмите Винрар (бесплатно)

2- Преузмите датотеку

3- Распакујте .РАР датотеке

4- Прекините везу са Интернетом (највише се препоручује)

5- Распакујте и инсталирајте програм (лСетуп)

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