Рутинско преузимање пуне верзије Скидров-а

Рутинско преузимање пуне верзије Скидров-а

Routine Download Skidrow


Routine Download on PC Info Game

Routine Download Skidrow this action adventure game of the species survival-horror, reminiscent at times the titles of the series Dead Space or Amnesia. It was created as the debut project of an independent, three-person studio Lunar Software from England. In the production also he worked Mick Gordon, co-creator of sound effects and music to games such as Crysis 3, Деад Спаце 3 and Need for Speed ​​series. The axis of the plot proceeds is necessary to clarify the reasons for the disappearance of the crew Lunar Research Station. За ову сврху, we traverse claustrophobic, dark corridors and rooms of the lunar settlements, discovering its secrets. Creators Routine Download Skidrow put mainly on the aspect of survival and horror, which have reduced to a minimum interface elements and equipment. Другим речима, there will not experience kits, and the death of your character is permanent.

Routine INFO

  • Назив документа: Routine – Скидров
  • Тип датотеке: ЕКСЕ
  • Платформа: ПЦ
  • Лангуаге Гамес: ЕНГ
  • Додатне Информације: Једном инсталиран, покрени игру. Не захтева пукотине

Routine Download on PC

[мс_панел титле =”ДИРЕЦТ ДОВНЛОАД” наслов_боја =”#дд9933″ гранична_боја =”#ддд” наслов_позадина_боја =”#ф5ф5ф5″ бордер_радиус =”0″ класа =”” ид =””]Кликните за директно преузимање - 100 Мб / с[/мс_панел]

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How to install Routine?

1. Преузмите игру.
2. Покрените преузети инсталациони програм игре.
3. Инсталирајте игру према упутствима на екрану.
4. На крају инсталације, активирати скидров.
5. Када је правилно инсталиран, почну утакмицу.
6. Игра.

The main subject of what use is CATCosmonaut Assistance Tool, or fix tool resembling a gun. The game allows us to modify it through znajdowanym the base floppies, and in some cases use it as a weapon. Занимљиво, when crawling bases some of its elements are randomly generated. These include, на пример, the dangers lurking on the letter or the placement form controlled by artificial intelligence. With such a method the game is never the same. From the point of view of the housing audiovisual Routine Download Skidrow draws inspiration from science-fiction movies of the eighties of the twentieth century. Many elements of the base resembles scenes from the movies Alien or Space Odyssey. The graphics created using Unreal Engine 3. Sound and music stand at a high level, perfectly co-creating the atmosphere of terror and horror, what distinguishes the title Lunar Software.

Routine Download on PC Video

[мс_иоутубе веза =”хттпс://ввв.иоутубе.цом/ватцх?v=LaZqV0o7EW4″ ширина =”100%” висина =”100%” нијеми =”не” аутоплаи =”не” петља =”да” контроле =”да” класа =”” ид =””][/мс_иоутубе]

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