Shadow of the Colossus Download For PC Free

Shadow of the Colossus Download For PC Free

Shadow of the Colossus Download


Shadow of the Colossus Download on PC Info Game

Shadow of the Colossus Download has gained the rank of cult game due to the unique setting, amazing mood and stunning narration. The remake perfectly reflects all these features, only in the contemporary setting. The effect of the Bluepoint studio’s work makes an electrifying impression, giving a fantastic game a second life. The mysterious plot, beautiful music and a unique, though ascetic, world – originally created by the Japanese Team Ico – have for years inspired the participation in the fairy tale. The story is well designed and full of understatements, thanks to which the adventure engages like an engaging book. The main character goes to a forgotten land to bring his girlfriend back to life. Mystical power in Shadow of the Colossus Download promises him a miracle in exchange for destroying the sixteen colossus representing the old idols. Determined, Wander begins to hunt the majestic giants without hesitation. The beautiful style of the narrative has been completely transferred to the latest version, but this time it makes a much bigger impression thanks to graphics. The creators made sure that the new computing power would not disturb the perception of the environment, which was previously less clear but very moody. On the contrary – slow traversing the forest on a faithful steed, where the light lazily penetrates between the branches, and everywhere a moist mist rises, awakens an amazing impression. The new, detail-rich world is even more atmospheric, slightly disturbing, and each location looks so insanely that it is difficult to refrain from saving screenshots every few minutes Shadow of the Colossus Download.

Shadow of the Colossus INFO

  • File name: Shadow of the Colossus – InstallShield
  • File Type: EXE
  • Platform: PC
  • Language Games: ENG, FR, PL
  • Additional information: Once installed, run the game. It does not require crack

Shadow of the Colossus Download on PC


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How to install Shadow of the Colossus ?

1. Download the game.
2. Run the downloaded installer of the game.
3. Install the game according to the instructions on the screen.
4. At the end of the installation, activate skidrow.
5. When correctly installed, start the game.
6. Play.

Shadow of the Colossus Download on PC Video

Shadow of the Colossus pc free the admiration of the luminaire begins a few seconds from the beginning of the game, when we approach the horse grazing the grass – Agro. We see every blade, and in the background the view goes back to the horizon. Similarly impressive colossal hair, which is dense and natural, and the hero even sinks in it while climbing. For sure we do not have the impression of communing with the game from 13 years ago. There is also no doubt that it is a remake, not just a remaster. We received a full-fledged, contemporary game. The gameplay remained practically unchanged. From the central temple, we travel to the places where the giants wait and start the fight, which often is itself a puzzle. We need to figure out how to get on the head or the back of the colossus, to strike a blow at a sensitive point. After defeating the impressive size of the target, we are moved back to the temple to move towards the next monster. The journey is often calm, almost relaxing. However, we do not feel boredom – even if we played the original, the new setting and corrections in the control make the game extremely enjoyable. Every minute is an exciting experience.

In technical terms, the gameplay is the most eye-catching. Shadow of the Colossus pc free Stable 30 frames per second, even during dynamic battles, satisfies when we remember how many problems the original offered. On the PC the game can also offer a smooth 60 frames, which is definitely the best choice, especially that the graphics mode (4K and 30 FPS) and performance (1080p and 60 FPS) do not differ significantly in the number of details. The control has changed for the better, which at times was hardly onerous. Other mapping of parts of the buttons makes climbing more intuitive and comfortable. This does not mean, however, that it does not cause problems. Interaction with the edges of slopes and walls when climbing does not work properly. In very narrow passages, the camera could also perform a little better, but fortunately performs well in open spaces. In general, gameplay and the satisfaction that comes with it far outweigh the length of the game. Therefore, it is not surprising that you want to start the adventure again after the end credits. It is really difficult to leave this majestic landscape full of beauty and indescribable sadness.
Shadow of the Colossus pc free is a great opportunity not only to return to this unique game, but above all the chance to discover it by those who do not know the original. Another proof that Sony is able to take care of their exclusive titles and after years restore them splendor, which overshadows even the splendor of the classic.

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