Police Simulator 18 Download For PC Full Version 

Police Simulator 18 Download For PC Full Version 

Police Simulator 18 Download


Codex Police Simulator 18 Download PC

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Police Simulator 18 Download on PC Info Game

A simulation game prepared in cooperation with the Bigmoon Entertainment team with the Astragon company that gives the opportunity to take on the role of an American law enforcement officer. In Police Simulator: Law Enforcement we get to an open world inspired by typical American metropolises. Police Simulator 18 Download is the work of the band Bigmoon Entertainment, created under the wings of Astragon Entertainment. The publisher specializes in delivering realistic simulations, and this time gives players the option of becoming the US law enforcement officer.

In Police Simulator 18 Download we get to the open world – a fictional city, inspired by American metropolises. We make free terrain exploration and patrol both on foot and behind the wheel of various vehicles – police cars are modeled on real police cars, which is reflected not only in their appearance, but also in the available equipment and driving model. Our main task is to arrest criminals and deliver them to the justice system. In addition, like in a classic action movie, we often come to shootings and spectacular chases. During the game, we use the extensive equipment – handcuffs, radios (through which we are informed about current events) and a wide range of firearms.

In Police Simulator 18 Download we can play both alone and in the company of other players. The creators have prepared a collaborative multiplayer mode, thanks to which we can perform police tasks together with friends. Police Simulator 18 operates on the basis of Unreal Engine 4 technology. The three-dimensional graphic design presents a high level of performance, and the hardware requirements have been maintained at a decent level.

Police Simulator 18 INFO

  • File name: Police Simulator 18 – InstallShield
  • File Type: EXE
  • Platform: PC
  • Language Games: ENG, FR, PL
  • Additional information: Once installed, run the game. It does not require crack

Police Simulator 18 Download on PC

Codex Game

How to install Police Simulator 18 ?

1. Download the game.
2. Run the downloaded installer of the game.
3. Install the game according to the instructions on the screen.
4. At the end of the installation, activate skidrow.
5. When correctly installed, start the game.
6. Play.

Police Simulator 18 Download on PC Video

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