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The game Horizon Forbidden West PC Download is a direct continuation of the story of what we saw in the first part, and the action begins almost immediately after what we experienced in Horizon Zero Dawn. So if you have no idea what happened to Aloy before, you might have some initial difficulty figuring out what it is and what it’s all about. Even I, as someone who completed the previous part a few years ago, had some trouble connecting some dots.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Download

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I won’t go into detail due to potential spoilers, but what sets all of Aloy’s companions apart – as well as herself – is the fact that they’ve acquired a lot of uniqueness. The characters are written really interesting, there is a lot of variety in approach to life, themes and everything else that makes every dialogue listen with curiosity. However, what is important – almost the same can also be said of the lesser characters we meet on our way as part of the side stories.

The writers Horizon Foribidden West torrent have done a phenomenal job – each additional mission, conversation and activity brings a unique experience that is also very consistent with the rest of the world and significantly complements the main storyline. The latter is a really difficult art – in most games, the subplots are a festival of Sas à Las stories and loose narratives that distract us from the object of the game.

Lost in the maze of activity

And you’ll need a lot to complete Horizon Forbidden West free. The main plot takes around 20-25 hours, but a truly huge in-game map is woven with dozens of additional activities. Sometimes I really wished I had time to take a closer look at them all… but if I had decided to “max” the game, it would probably take me 100-120 hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time for a review. However, when you start the game calmly, trust me and let yourself be absorbed by the world created by Guerrilla Games. You will not regret it.

“Wasting” time on exploration and extra tasks is surprisingly easy in Horizon Forbidden West pc game. It’s not even that they complete the story in an interesting way – the creators also used a number of minor tricks that make it hard to ignore the next markers on the map. These are theoretically trifles, but the combination of the correct lines pronounced by Aloy. Light and sound signals, additional animations, musical motifs or even the intriguing appearance of a given place where “something is waiting for us”. Fact that for the first few hours I didn’t even notice that I entered an extra quest loop.

Electric Sheep

Alright, but on a cavernous and sometimes visually stunning map, we don’t just drive or race. Although the narrative in Horizon Forbidden West is much bigger than before, we’ll be waving a spear, bow, and other deadly gadgets more often than not. And here a certain chapter should be done… and I will start discussing this aspect from the positive side. Ranged combat – with the use of various types of bows or crossbows – is even slightly better than in the first part.

Hitting small parts of the armor of attacking machines is not very easy, but the Horizon Forbidden West free creators have applied several improvements that even less experienced players should manage everything. Of course, the more we develop our character in this direction (and there are a total of six unique development paths in the game, each focusing on a slightly different type of gameplay). The more dangerous we become, the more combos – including ranged ones – we can master.

On the other side we have close combat with our special spear. While sneaking around and silently taking out enemies makes good sense, when we start open combat, the title’s biggest problem probably emerges. When Horizon Forbidden West we are fighting people, it is not so visible yet, but if we are surrounded by several machines, chaos begins on the screen.

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Attacks out of camera range are very poorly communicated, dodging is almost a miracle, and the wake-up animations, during which you lose control of the heroine, last a bit too long. In practice, this leads to a situation in which we no longer know what is happening, who and when is attacking us, and the only solution seems to be a quick evacuation, which, unfortunately, is not always possible.

Horizon Forbidden West Free PC

Suffice it to say that for this very reason, I started the game on the “hard” level and finished on the “easy” level. By Horizon Forbidden West PC Download that while 1v1 clashes with even the biggest beasts can be won, with five smaller machines attacking simultaneously, the fight is nothing but frustrating. Avoiding direct confrontations is not always possible.

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