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Although Gran Turismo 7 Free Download being one of the most important productions that will be released exclusively on PlayStation this year, Sony and Polyphony Digital do not offer too much video material. Every once in a while, however, they remind you of the upcoming premiere. This time they are bragging about the importance they place on the game’s visuals.

Gran Turismo 7 Free Download PC

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The basic concept on which Gran Turismo has always been based has become rigid, predictable and exhausted in my opinion. Something new and fresh was needed. And that’s where Gran Turismo Sport came out, a game that took a fresh look at GT esports racing. Without a driver’s license exam and the perpetually pointless struggle to get behind the wheel of weak family cars.

GT Sport was released in 2017 and stands out as the best entry in the series since its debut in 1998, and a title that has not only. Grown and drastically improved over the past five years, but also challenged me with dense, tight and difficult races. Based on a modified physics system and the best sounds and graphics in the series. If I were driving at Sony, this year’s edition of Gran Turismo would be a full-fledged continuation of GT Sport.

Even more realistic car behavior thanks to the physical tire model (and not the strictly empirical one that Polyphony has always used). However, we now know that will not happen. We’ve known that for a long time, which means I’m sitting here dreaming. Instead, we get Gran Turismo 7 Download the game that will be released on PlayStation 5 on March 4 and as its name suggests, it is obviously a direct sequel to the sixth game.

In fact, Kazunori Yamauchi says a lot about gran turismo 7 pc games version which is perhaps no longer a “real racing simulator”. But rather a “car life simulator” in which we focus on the life of owner and car enthusiast. Polyphony Digital seems to have focused much less on the driving experience itself, the physics, the support of the various direct-drive wheels, and the tire-asphalt behavior, and instead channeled its collective power into whatever drives it. surrounds; presentation, menu system, replays, music, coffee, styling options.

It looks neat and detailed as hell, especially compared to Gran Turismo 6, and you can notice they want to distinguish between products, which is probably smart. Gran Turismo Sport is pure, raw, real racing (although the physics are not as realistic as for example in Assetto Corsa Competizione or Automobilista 2). While Gran Turismo 7 free (and newer) will most likely mean more digestible. Universal and “normal” an experience that focuses more on everything related to driving itself.

From what I’ve seen, Gran Turismo 7 torrent looks more like The Sims, with cars instead of EA’s adorable avatars. Polyphony wants our love for cars and the world of cars to reawaken and grow stronger during gameplay, and the studio’s goal is for those who purchase the game to enjoy it for at least (!) a full year.

It will offer us more than 400 licensed cars, 30 different tracks, of which 11 are fantastic Polyphony creations and 19 are real official variants such as Suzuka, Silverstone, Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, Hockenheim and Spa. There will be 75 different artists who borrowed Polyphony’s music for the Gran Turismo 7 Free Download in genres such as jazz, hip-hop, electro, house, classical and lounge. So no rock and no pop.

Gran Turismo 7 Download

Polyphony has created a career mode this time around to make the various competitions and “events” on the game track specific. And non-class specific, which means players can stay at Silverstone all week and simply. Pass through different competitions and still level up as fast as before in Career mode.

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