Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download Skidrow Full Version

Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download

Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download Skidrow

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Name of the release : Gothic 2 The Night of the Ravens InstallShield .exe

Format : exe (downloader and installation)

Platform : PC

Language : French

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Review Gothic 2 The Night of the Ravens Download Skidrow 

Raven Night is the official expansion of one of the most popular RPGs of 2002, Gothic II. Unlike other extras, where usually only new domains or objects are available, the developers of the Piranha Bytes development team went further: by switching to the basic version of the game, a new expanded story was hardly related to the Gothic II main plot. It has also been designed to significantly modify the existing world (this does not mean, however, changing the location of key locations, but only to enlarge them and the appearance of many additional secrets, etc.). The applied solution forces the add-on owners to go through the whole program from the beginning (all the “same” backups Gothic 2 Night of the Raven download skidrow become useless after installing the add-on). On the other hand, the number of novelties or patches installed completely compensates for this inconvenience. The Night of the Raven action is designed so that players can pass the supplement almost completely by avoiding the story of the basic game. The extension introduces into the original Gothic II a number of new places (jungle, caves, etc.), a hundred independent heroes (NPCs), unique items (for example a special amulet in which the fairy helps to find valuable material), spells, skills or monsters (in the manner of dangerous bears). During our trip, we can also meet famous personalities since the first Gothica, which did not appear in the second part.

The choice of the profession has expanded with new alternatives. In The Night of the Raven, we have the opportunity to assign to the protagonist the role of a pirate of the sea, leader of a gang of bandits, or (completely innovative) Maga Maga. The latter operate in full conspiracy, without revealing their powers to their companions (unless the situation leaves them no other choice), so joining the ranks of their group requires a lot of effort on the part of players … The developers of the discussed extension also tried to improve the game engine. (mainly the audiovisual effects were refined), as well as the removal of all detected programming errors, which we had to deal with in the Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download skidrow original. There was an addition to Gothica II in our country and we could say – well. We have finally arrived. After many announcements and postponement of the release date, we have Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download. Again, you can spend the night and play, play, play … and avoid leaving the house. 🙂 Now, after more than three weeks of using the latest product from the German group Piranha Bytes, I can share with you information about this supplement. A basic version of Gothica II is needed to install Night of the Raven. All those who have just begun to worry about the fact that they have long since thrown this game off their record and all their records – they can immediately stop worrying about it. This expansion behaves differently from other productions known as Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter or Baldur’s Gate II: The Bhaal Throne, which has transported the player to a whole new region with new tasks with the ability to take the “old” hero. Until Night of the Raven, it is impossible to import a character developed from the basic version. The same goes for the possibility of playing the add-on itself – here, this possibility simply does not exist. You can not, for example, enter the hostel, talk to a hero and only start a new adventure.

We start completely from the beginning. Night Raven extends all the existing elements of the basic version, with which it is strongly integrated. New tasks have been woven between old and old often have different options. Initially, I was bored by such an added design – but my anger quickly disappeared, as Raven Night brings so much newness that we start the adventure from the beginning and relive the emotions associated with the development and learning of our hero. becomes extremely pleasant. In addition, is not the essence of any RPG game simply a laborious collection of experience points, which consists of storing gold to buy better armor and weapons and trying to get more skills? What does Crows Night offer us? From the beginning, all those who played in the basic Gothica II and have a good memory will notice many changes. After the first conversation with Xardas, the second will begin immediately. We Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download skidrow  learn that in addition to the threat of dragons, a new danger hangs over the city of Khorinis. To defeat them, we will have to cooperate with the water wizards who have discovered and explored the ruins of ancient culture north-east of Khorinis, where there is a gateway – a gateway to the unexplored part of the island. Of course, we will have the task of launching this portal and overcoming the evil that awaits the new world, which has among others: relationship with the title Raven, or our old friend of the first part of Gothica.

Gothic 2 The Night of the Ravens Download


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Games Gothic 2 Night Ravens Download PC

1. Download the game of the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the instructions on the screen.
5. At the end of the installation, click Finish.
6. To play.

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Gothic 2 Night of the Ravens Download
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