Free Gothic 2 Download Skidrow Full Version PC

Gothic 2 Skidrow Download PC

Gothic 2 Skidrow Download

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Information on the insert Gothic 2 Download

Name of the release : Gothic 2 InstallShield .exe

Format : exe (downloader and installation)

Platform : PC

Language : French, ENG

Cut with: exe

Host : Download without limits


Review Gothic 2 Download

Continuation of one of the best action / cRPG games of 2001. As in the previous part, the action Gothic 2 Download Skidrow takes place in the fantasy world and continues the plot of the predecessor, that is to say the war between the forces of evil (a whole group of monsters, Orcs and Gains under the direction of Dragons) and People. However, this time, we do not move anymore inside the colony of criminals covered by the magic barrier, but outside. The action takes place in new and very diverse places, including coastal city, monastery, library, farm, island of Dragons, castle besieged by the Orcs. Of course, we will also meet familiar ground here. In concrete terms, the rules of the game have not changed dramatically. Of course, we have several improvements, including new character classes (including magicians, henchmen and dragon hunters), new guilds, and new activities that our hero can do (including the creation of various potions). Our character has a number of skills that he can develop, that is, several standard combat techniques (two-handed, two-handed, bow and crossbow) and a dozen other skills such as: crawling , picking, broaching, runes creation, alchemy and forging. Moreover, in Gothic 2 Download, you can use more and more powerful spells included in the six circles of magic. Computer A.I. For example, an inhabitant of the attacked city calls guards, while monsters and hostile beasts can cooperate with each other. The graphics have also improved: the whole territory and its elements (trees, cities, houses, etc.) are more elaborate. In total, there are about 100 different textures in the game.

“The glory period of the Khorinis mining valley has long passed. Trapped behind the magical barrier, slaves and criminals of law led a grim life, condemned to long-term work on the extraction of magical ore. A courageous man, fighting for his freedom and survival, explored the secrets of forgotten underground temples for centuries to face the dark envoy and destroy the barrier. Finally, by letting the anger grow for many years, the prisoners fled. The city of Khorinis was completely prepared. A small garrison of guards could not resist the powerful wave of escaped convicts. After several bloody battles, many prisoners managed to escape from Cologne and found refuge in the forests, mountains and nearby villages. More and more frequent attacks near the walls of the city and the increasing impertinence of bandits day by day have almost completely paralyzed the city. About a hundred great Royal Palladines led by Lord Hagen have directed the provisional order, but how long will it last? Angry at the greed of city guards, some farmers have reached an agreement with the escapees. The rebellious peasants have stopped paying tribute to the king, trusting their farms to mercenaries.

The farmers’ rebellion has deprived the city of food and previously accumulated stocks are declining at a fast pace. A new war broke out in Khorinis – a civil war. However, this is not the end of the worries. The evil was not defeated, in his last breath the dreamer called a new danger. The evil army, under the direction of the Dragons, is preparing for a fight and this time, it intends to face the human race once and for all! And it seems that no one can stop him … ” “May you live in an interesting time,” said one of the curses, and our nameless hero, known since the first part of Gothica, will once again experience his power. The story of Free Gothic 2 Download Skidrow begins about a month after the first – the dreamer was defeated, but not killed, but exiled from our world. Earlier, he had managed to summon a powerful army of dark creatures, including the Dragons. To make matters worse, the country is on the eve of the civil war. The burden of his rescue will rest on the shoulders of our hero. Unfortunately, he is in a state far from the state in which we separated. He was buried under the ruins of the mine and spent more than three weeks under them. With the help of magical powers, he was released by the necromancer Xardas, but he will have to learn everything from the beginning.

Gothic 2 Download Skidrow on PC

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Games Gothic 2 Download Skidrow PC

1. Download the game of the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the instructions on the screen.
5. At the end of the installation, click Finish.
6. To play.

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