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An economic strategy in which the player’s task is to take care of transport infrastructure, which consists of many different means of transportfrom cars, by trains, to airplanes and ships. The game is a continuation of Transport Fever from 2016. Fièvre des transports 2 Téléchargement du Codex is an economic strategy in which we create a diverse communication infrastructure. Production is a continuation of production released on computers in 2016. The Swiss Urban Games studio (known, entre autres, for the similar title Train Fever) is responsible for its creation. The role of the publisher was taken by Good Shepherd Entertainment (responsable, entre autres, for publishing Polish games of CreativeForge GamesHard West and Phantom Doctrine). Dans Fièvre des transports 2, our task is to develop infrastructure and build a dynamically operating system, including various means of transporttrains, buses, trucks, ships and even airplanes. The game features logistical challenges modeled on real events, as well as several hundred vehicles from different eras. Our tasks include defining strategies, building the right facilities, as well as developing and modifying existing ones in such a way that they fit in with the most modern means of transport. We analyze numerous statistics and make decisions, thanks to which we optimize the operation of the entire system – par exemple, we determine which route will be run and we decide about the routes of individual buses. Production of the Urban Games team also has a map editor, thanks to which we can modify the shape of the worldeach game may be slightly different from the previous one. The developers also took care of the support for mods, which allow players to customize many aspects of the game to their liking. Dans Fièvre des transports 2 Téléchargement du Codex we can only play alone. We have the opportunity to freely build your own company in free play mode, but the creators have also prepared a campaign in which we learnand rewritethe history of global transport. Fièvre des transports 2 has a decent, conception graphique en trois dimensions. The world of the game is quite detailed and both the bustling metropolises and the wild wilderness present themselves as they should. The lighting system and some effects and elements of the luminaire also make a good impressioneg water or vegetation. A train was waiting for us at the platform of the Berlin Ostbahnhof station. It was not an ordinary train. This historic composition remembers the times when most of us were not yet in the world.

The developers from Urban Games invited us for a ride to show their new work during the trip to PotsdamFièvre des transports 2 Manuscrit. It was impossible to dream about better circumstances. Outside the windows were the suburban landscapes of Brandenburg, and in the middle of the journalists mastered the restaurant cult Mitrop cars. In one of them I had the opportunity to test the alpha version of the game and what I saw confirmed my belief that Transport Tycoon will get a worthy successor. Swiss Urban Games has a simple idea. Create a game with the panache of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but with a contemporary, nice audiovisual setting. After almost two hours, which I spent with the production of this studio, I can admit that it will probably succeed. Fièvre des transports 2 Manuscrit is the spiritual heir of a well-known hit from the 90s, it is characterized by a similar level of complexity and difficulty, and at the same time seems to be more accessible to a new player. The first installment of Transport Fever has been bought by over half a million people and everything indicates that it will be possible to repeat this success. Dans le jeu, we play the role of transport infrastructure managerso we come to connect towns and industrial centers with roads, railways, sea routes and airplane lines. It is not Cities Skylines, so we do not set up housing estates, stores or factories. We are only interested in the issue of transport, its efficiency and profitability. I guarantee, toutefois, that the things that we will have on our heads will find here more than ideas for solving them, because Transport Fever 2 is not a simple game. Fearing that the entry threshold may be high, I asked one of the developers what they would offer new players. He told me that creating a game for transport lay people is one of their main goals. That’s why in the sequel you will find a tutorial, an introductory campaign, as well as auxiliary elements and translating various mechanics during the game itself. Urban and suburban transport must be efficient, vite, cost-effective and bearable for people living in the area, which means constant optimization of railway connections, construction of new roads and highways, setting airports, ports, bus stops and searching for solutions that will multiply our profits. We will start the game in 1850 and end in modern times. C'est fini 150 years of industrial development, so we’ll have to replace steam diesel locomotives, and train horses for trucks.

New technologies are also new problemsalthough our coachman was not, be Koż, the fastest form of transport, our airports will certainly generate a lot of noise, annoying the local residents. Jusqu'ici, the little busy streets will eventually change into corkedhealth paths”, in which drivers seriously consider suicidemaybe it is worth to let go the fast beltway, and replace the intersection with a roundabout? As in other economic strategies, we influence the development of cities, satisfying needs and meeting the whims of the residents. So we have to start from the very beginningfirst we combine factories and manufactories, hundreds of kilometers away, creating an often extensive production chain, and only then we import a finished product into the city. It also depends on us whether we put on railroads, road transport, boats or airplanes. Each mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantageslooking after an increasingly complex system of traction, roads and trails is our main task. Bien sûr, we can also stop the developmentone of the endgame mechanics is to reduce emissions and sound. Releasing a heavy rail and an obsolete locomotive through a populated city at the beginning may be a good solution, but in the future it is worth thinking about optimization and rebuilding. The authors prepared three campaigns. The first one will start in 1850, during the gold rush. It will lead us through the history of railways or aviation, but its main task is to slowly enter the secrets of the game. In the mission shown at the show, I tried to get out of the financial flap after trading in silver and start transporting steel. In addition to completing subsequent tasks and completing milestones, the creators included Fièvre des transports 2 Téléchargement Gratuit quests reminiscent of those from Anno 1800, not once or twice, we will have to find a special place on the map to develop the story. Bien sûr, the core of the fun is not the campaign, but the sandbox mode. Developers have developed a really extensive generator and map editor. Before the start, we can determine the initial date, the intensity of mountainous areas, canyons, forests or water levels and choose the climate zone we are interested in (to the typical desert or temperate, added a newtropical). The game will generate terrain, and we will be able to start using the map editor, in which everything can be changed. The most interesting feature, toutefois, is the constant availability. If we have already spent 15 hours on a given map, creating a complicated infrastructure, but we would like to add some more lakes to our world, there is nothing to prevent the editor from being redone at any time, and then return to the game. They also enjoy modifications in the mechanics themselves. The authors have even changed the construction of the stationnow they are modular, so we will assemble them from separate segmentsplatforms, buildings or tracks.

It’s their appearance that depends on us. One-way roads and street lights have also been introduced. toutefois, I hope that the latter will help, not block traffic in our cities. And the movement will be considerable, because the creators have prepared over 200 various vehicles: from britzkas, trucks to modern aircraft. The audiovisual fixture has also changedthe campaign has cut-scenes and new music, and the graphics themselvesalthough it may not be rivaled by Anno 1800 – can catch the eye. Especially in Fièvre des transports 2 Téléchargement Gratuit water reservoirs look impressive, and the view of a steam locomotive gliding through fields and meadows also enjoys a thousandth of the time. Pendant la partie, we can zoom in to the camera to admire how the grass sways in the wind. One of the developers told me that a lot of work had been put into such detailsthat a train going through with a bang would scare the birds, and the plane taking off would hide the chassis. Malheureusement, not all animations look so goodthe cabs are rather poor and move unnaturally. They are more a symbol than a realistic representation. The alpha version provided to me has not been optimized, hence it has been able to cut it down a lot. I also had a problem with the construction of roads and trackssometimes the game incorrectly interpreted my intentions, although the reason may be the fact that I have not spent many hours with her. toutefois, the most annoying thing about me was the interface (illegible, complicated and strange), but the creators marked many times that it is only a placeholder, and for the implementation a new, user-friendly UI awaits them. My version was also devoid of some fresh elements (new vehicles, factories, production lines or city components), so I expect that the finished product will take me really long weeks. My love for the railway began with the famous poem by Julian Tuwim, and ended with the infamous condition of the Polish State Railways (PKP). I try to avoid trains and wring my hands when I pay 100 zlotys for the ride dilapidated (iha, ha, hahurried) composition, in which the restroom is a school of survival for Bear Grylls. Perhaps that is why, with such stubbornness, I check almost every game in which I can put tracks on and run trains. After a trip from Berlin to Potsdam I am sure that I will also check the ready Fièvre des transports 2 Télécharger, because its creators really love what they do. You can see it in the way they present the game, you can also see it in the game itself. Openness to fans is also manifested by full support for the mod singer scene. If you somehow get bored of starting other vehicles, remember that along with the premiere will start the workshop of Steamer and you will be able to ride the most crazy vehicles (I wonder if someone will come to replace horses in cabs with chocobosami). I am convinced that if the second part is successful, fans will prolong her life for many years. Developers boasted about the budgetthe creation of Transport Fever 2 has as much as 4 million Swiss francs (more than 15 million Polish zlotys). Only 13 talented people work inside the studio, and they have been sitting on the second part since 2017. Let them give a little while to the game, because maybe they create one of the best niche productions with trains in the main role. Skidrow Games PC

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2. Décompression exe.
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4. Suivez le processus d'installation du jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
5. À la fin de l'installation, cliquez sur Terminer.
6. Jouer.

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