Phoenix Point Codex Télécharger la version complète du jeu gratuit 2019

Phoenix Point Codex Télécharger la version complète du jeu gratuit 2019

Phoenix Point Codex Download

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Nom de la version : Phoenix Point Install.exe
Format : EXE (téléchargeur et installation)
Plate-forme : PC
Langue : français, ENG
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Phoenix Point Codex Télécharger

Tactical turn-based strategy, drawing in handfuls of the X-COM series and created by the father of this cycle, Julian Gollop. The Phoenix Point Codex action takes place in the year 2046, when the uncontrollable ancient virus turns all forms of life on Earth into mutated monsters. Phoenix Point is a tactical strategic strategy game set in the original science-fiction universe. The American Snapshot Games studio, created in 2013, is responsible for creating the title. The creators, two years after the band’s creation, published a well-accepted turn-based fantasy strategy Chaos Reborn, which was created thanks to collection on the Kickstarter website. Julian Gollop watched over the production of both games. This legendary creator and veteran of the industry has classics such as Laser Squad, Rebelstar Raiders, and above all the original UFO: Enemy Unknown, which is the first cover of the X-COM cycle, successfully revived by the Firaxis studio in 2012.

The title takes us back to 2046. A few decades ago, scientists studying Antarctica discover in one of the ice samples a mysterious ancient virus of foreign origin. Soon he gets out of control and attacks all forms of life he encounters. In the face of a global pandemic, humanity proved to be powerless and decimated in a short time. The place of animals and people occupied terrifying mutated creatures, hiding in a fog covering a large area of ​​the Earth. The survivors are protected in isolated enclaves, fighting every day for survival with constantly changing and adaptive opponents. The inspiration for the developers was the work of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as film horrors, directors such as David Cronenberg. The story presented in Phoenix Point Codex has several endings which we receive depending on the decisions made during the campaign.

Phoenix Point draws inspiration from the original X-COM as well as its modernized versions (XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2). Cela ne veut pas dire, toutefois, that the creators only used the mechanical solutions of their predecessors. Players prove one of the last bastions of humanity (the title Phoenix Point), taking care of its development, security and resources, as well as military operations. Similarly to XCOM, during the game we also operate on the global map of the world, looking for other human settlements and performing missions commissioned by them. Relevant locations will also be important, in which we obtain the resources necessary for the development of the base and equipment. By establishing contact with other factions, it may turn out that not all are friendly. Some even give a religious part to the monstros created by the virus, others seek to intercourse or completely exterminate these enemies. Depending on our relations with other groups, we can also use their unique technologies and weapons. The political and economic aspect of the fun will be realized on a much larger scale than in the case of XCOM, sometimes recalling the strategies of the Paradox studio.

We spend most of the time in the tactical turn-based battle mode, in which we command a branch that we have put together. Virtually all locations in which we will face opponents are generated randomly. en plus, the developers have introduced a system of destruction of the environment, giving us completely new strategic opportunities. Maps are largely covered by a fog created by a virus in which the opponents hide their strength. Similarly to individual locations, also opponents are created by the game engine in a procedural manner. de façon intéressante, dans Phoenix Point free download, mutated by the virus, the creatures fit into our style of gameplay. If in one of the missions we attack mainly with the use of a sniper weapon, in the next we can count on being face to face with evolved enemies who have the ability to counter this type of weapon. Players, just like in the Fallout series, aim at specific parts of the body of enemies, which will be important especially in the fight against the most dangerous multimode behemoths, reminiscent of the creations of lovecraft’s imagination.

le Epic Games company is not idle, providing its store with another exclusive title. This time it fell on the Phoenix Point free downloadthe spiritual successor of the X-COM series, whose PC version for a year after the premiere (scheduled for September this year) can only be found in the Epic Games Store offer. Julian Gollop, who watches over this project, argues that thanks to the support Snapshot Games receives from the store owners, his team will be able to develop their work for years. Those who do not like such a turn of affairs can withdraw their orders, for which they have 28 journées; You can read about how to do this in the official FAQ. Developers seem to be advised against this solution, announcing that the founders of the project (Phoenix Point has a successful crowdfunding collection behind it). Skidrow Key Download

Phoenix Point Codex Download

Codex Game

Requirements Free Games Phoenix Point Free Download PC

1. Téléchargez le jeu de l'hôte.
2. Décompression exe.
3. Exécutez le fichier .exe pour démarrer l'installation.
4. Suivez le processus d'installation du jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
5. À la fin de l'installation, cliquez sur Terminer.
6. Jouer.

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