PSE 2019 Télécharger gratuitement sur PC – Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Version complète PC

PSE 2019 Télécharger gratuitement sur PC – Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Version complète PC

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PSE 2019 Télécharger sur PC Info Game

PSE 2019 Télécharger is a sports game from Konami, which is the next installment of the popular series that has been accompanying us since 1996. The title appeared on the PC, PS4 and XONE platforms and is a development of solutions known from Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, offering improved game mechanics. Gameplay continues to combine arcade elements with football simulation. The MyClub was rebuilt in relation to the previous version, in which it appeared, among others a new way of contracting players and special versions of players released throughout the year. Thanks to eleven new features, additional animations and fitness reflecting in the behavior and appearance of athletes, the players gained on individuality. en plus, in the manager’s mode, three major changes debutedpre-season ICC tournament, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses.

A lot of interesting changes are being prepared. Konami officially announced the game PSE 2019 Télécharger and provided a lot of interesting information about the latest part of the football series. Developers have announced numerous improvements related to the available game modes, graphics and the game itself.

From the press release we learned that PES 2019 will debut on the market exactly on August 30 this year and will hit the PC and PlayStation 4 et consoles Xbox One. The faces of this year’s edition are Philippe Coutinho and David Beckham. The latter appears as a legend and will be available in myClub along with some other great players from the past, such as the late. Johan Cruijff, Paolo Maldini, Pavel Nedvěd, or Ruud Gullit. Konami also announced that the myClub mode itself will be undergoing major reconstruction. An element called High Performance Players has been added, thanks to which the characteristics of selected players will be improved on the basis of their appearances in real matches. In addition to improving the indicators, they will also be able to receive a new skill, but time changes and after a certain period the card will be restored to the previous version. In myClub z Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Version complète there will also be a weekly PES league, in which we will compete with other players for the position in the ranking of a specific division and prize.

Konami wants the game to be even more realistic and that’s why the so-called Magic Moments. It consists of many minor elements, including new skills or modified shot mechanics. The animation of dribbling and movement of players will be improved, and the player’s control will be much more connected with his statistics, skills, ainsi que les forces et les faiblesses. Quick changes will be added to the game, the trajectory of the ball’s flight and the physics of its reflections will be added, as well as the method of controlling the football by specific players. An important new feature is the Visable Fatigue system, thanks to which we will see after the playersattitude that they are tired. The level of endurance is to have even more impact on the game, so the player will have to better manage the actions of the team.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Version complète is also improved graphic design. The game will offer HDR mode, and the stadium lighting itself is to be much more realistic, thanks to the Enlighten software. In production, we will finally see the snow falling, the fans will receive new animations, and the avatars themselves will be more detailed. The new PES will also offer a dynamic resolution system, which should guarantee high performance of the game regardless of the equipment and the situation on the screen. The manufacturer decided to repair one of the biggest drawbacks of the series, and so the problem with licenses. New leagues with real teams and players will appear in production. More data on this subject is expected to appear in the near future. At the end, you must also mention a few improvements in the Master League module. There will be a new international tournament that can be played before the start of the season, an improved system of negotiating contracts and a few changes in the management of the club’s budget.


  • Nom de fichier: PSE 2019 – InstallShield
  • Type de fichier: EXE
  • Plate-forme: PC
  • Jeux de langue: ENG, FR, PL
  • Information additionnelle: Une fois installé, lance le jeu. Il ne nécessite pas de fissure

PSE 2019 Télécharger sur PC

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How to install PES 2019 ?

1. Téléchargez le jeu.
2. Exécutez le programme d'installation téléchargé du jeu.
3. Installez le jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
4. À la fin de l'installation, activer skidrow.
5. Lorsqu'il est correctement installé, commencer le jeu.
6. Jouer.

PSE 2019 Télécharger sur PC Video

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