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Fade to Silence Codex Télécharger Version complète gratuite 2019

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Nom de la version : Fade to Silence Install.exe
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Plate-forme : PC
Langue : français, ENG
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Survival TPP action game in post-apocalyptic climate. Players take on a man trying to survive in a world controlled by eternal winter. Pendant la partie, we collect raw materials, build shelters, recruit allies and fight monsters. Fade to Silence Codex Download is a survival action game. The project was developed by the Black Forest Games studio, whose productions include Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, Rogue Stormers and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Fade to Silence follows the routes covered by previous survival games. So during the game, we have to construct objects and build shelters. We obtain the raw materials we need during risky expeditions to frozen wastes, where we face both monsters and severe weather conditions, especially during deadly blizzards. Heureusement, the hero is not just on his own. Pendant la partie, we gather allies and bring them to the camp. Each of these characters has unique abilities and character traits, and their successful recruitment unlocks access to better and better items. An additional attraction is the possibility of using dog sleds. Fade to Silence Codex Download allows you to fight with both white and ranged weapons. There were also moral dilemmas, forcing the player to make difficult decisions about far-reaching consequences. The authors have also prepared an extensive and dynamic weather system. It includes not only changing temperatures and blizzards, but also the fact that people, animals and monsters leave tracks in the snow, which allows us to often predict what awaits us in a given location. Fade to Silence free download promised to be an interesting survival. A sense of danger, the need to collect raw materials, decide who to invite from the survivors to their camp, taking care of their people, developing the baseeverything is in place. There are two modes to choose from: the first, with the number oflivelimited to six and the second, with the possibility of resurrection after death to infinity, but making it impossible to gain achievements. Dans le jeu, we move to the modern world in which a terrible winter has prevailed. We lead a man named Ash, trying to cope with the situation. Piercing frost, blizzards and snow, from which only plants stick out here and there are not his only problems. The hero is tormented by a bad being who laughs at his failures and his failing to face difficulties.

When Ash is cold and wants to light a bonfire, the creature mocked him that it would be a waste of effortsit would be easier to freeze, because such death is painless. When the protagonist wants to hunt a reindeer, he is ridiculed that with his bare hands he can not catch this animal. When he dies, the evil creature mocks him that he lostand she won. An ominous voice trying to discourage Ash from making efforts at first motivates him not to give up, but he repeats the same thing over and over again. At some point, I began to completely ignore the comments of a being who likes to emphasize how powerful and evil it is, but does not try to stop us other than words. Already in the first moments of the game I got the impression that Fade to Silence free download probably will not belong to my favorite games. From the hints I learned that I should collect raw materials, look for survivors and defend the camp. But I started to wonder what I should actually aim for? Could I possibly stop the evil being somehow and restore the world to normality by cleansing the whole map of contaminated places? Do you want to get to know the plot, save other people and provide them with shelter? Do you have a reasonably stable source of raw materials before I move on? Bien sûr, I did not need to know it to play, but I do like to know why I am making an effort. Soon it turned out that the number of animals to be hunted or trees to be felled is very small, the resources do not renew, so once discovered raw materials better leave the NPCs to collect, and constantly search for new places from which something can be obtained. Initial confusion soon stopped disturbing me. There are markers on the map where you should go, so all you have to do is go and see what I find.

Thanks to the ability to highlight all itemseven those far away from our hero, or hidden behind rocksit was easy to see the spoils. Malheureusement, most of the time I had to ignore the gains, because I could not carry much with me. If after a few minutes of fun the game claims that I have too little space in the inventory to collect items, it means that something is wrong. Si, after cutting down one tree, contaminated wood (which could be redone later) takes half of the available places just because the slots can be counted on the fingers of two hands, and only six pieces of wood are in one slot (up to several tens), I consider the symptom of the ill will of the creatorstraversing the same places back and forth to chomikować things, is not very exciting, and yet it would not hurt anyone, if you could carry on with each other more. So you have to choose carefully what to pick up or run to the base for boredom. I was also bothered by the fact that in order to create an object, I had to have a spare space in the inventory, even if it would slow down after using craft materials. It was also strange to force the player to stay on the creation screen and thedo everythingoption. At least the sorting was always done automatically. Another element that left the best impression was the combat system. Pendant le combat, you can attack less or stronger, make a coup and avoid all injuries or block blows. Good solution, but the implementation could be better. Each action consumes durabilityjust one blow and one dodge, and Ash is already breathless and can do nothing. I also had the impression that the character reacts like in slow motion. It would have been possible to endure it were it not for the fact that the perfect moment to dodge lasts a fraction of a second. The number of opponent types does not knock on your knees, but they are diverse. One of the spiders called spit, as the name suggests, spits and then leaves bubbles that explode after a while, and can also blow yourself up and thus deal damage to the hero. You can shoot it with a bow, you can fight melee. The idea for the creature is fine, but the implementation is not necessarily. When spit runs to get blown up, you can not run away, you have to accurately measure the evasion time.

If we press the key a little too soon, the creature will not explode, it will only approach it and then it will blow up when we can not defend ourselves in any way. If a bit too late, the effect is the same. The animations and reactions of the characters are quite slow, so all the more irritating. What’s worse, you can not spit to beat when it is going to explode, because blows do nothing to him. en plus, it is a lottery, whether spit wants to explode. Sometimes it has a lot of life but it suddenly loses it and the explosion mode is activated. With a sharper, a bit stronger and melee, it is easier to deal with, although it takes quite a bit of time to defeat it. Hell gets a bit annoyed when it’s hiding under the ground, but at least it dies quickly. While charging and attacking, it is not known where the opponent usually turned out to be too strong for my abilities. With a rather clumsy battle system, I did not want to play for too long at the normal level and would lose all progress if I had a leg (I can only keep some bonuses for a new start). The pace of the game is so slow that it would mean repeating a few hours of fun. I did not want to run from the starting point to the bastions, if the first time I failed to take them over, what to say about starting cleaning the map from scratch, when the protagonist’s life is over. toutefois, I regretted that you can not have several slots for the game record, even one for each mode. The hero does not develop and can create only primitive tools (pickaxe, ax, bow, knife, the least active drugs), and if he wants to have something better, he must rely on his companions. It is worth adding that one of the NPCs can be played by another player, but all that can be found in cooperation mode. Comrades can not only collect raw materials, but also help in the fight, build houses and workshops, transform raw materials for better tools and other items. The creation of a well-developed camp requires the collection of a very large number of resources for each building.

The camp is also regularly attacked and in such a moment we have to repel the enemies with the help of comrades. NPCs have their stories. Their rescue is associated with interesting events, during which we often have to fight to overcome their distrust. Heures supplémentaires, the independent heroes will start to confide and tell about their experiences. Each of them has their own skills (one specializes, eg in metalworking, another in hunting), so it is worth having more companions. D'autre part, each NPC is an additional person to feed. After some time, you can also get wolves in the game, and then train them so that they can pull the sleigh. Sleigh is a good way to travel (they also have a safe for items), but you have to be very careful about which way to go. Wolves do not eat, par exemple, the contaminated area and can get stuck in a tree. They can easily fall over on terrain obstacles, sometimes even on a piece of flat surface. The sledge can then be put in the right position, but not anywhere, even if the surface looks good. Fade to Silence codex crack in general, it looks quite interesting: a world that has frozen up as a result of a creature steeped in evil is a great place to fight for survival. Although graphically, the game looks rather average, here and there you can hang your eye on the landscape. The assumptions are good, but it fights quite clumsily, and the sled’s control could be better. Personally, I do not like too drastic limiting places in the inventory, but let me just have to work on upgrades. The level of difficulty can be deterred, but in the mode with an infinite number of lives we do not have to worry that you will have to start from scratch. There is no crazy racy, but here and there we learn something interesting from the saved comrades. The game is intended for rather persistent people who are ready to turn a blind eye to a few shortcomings. Skidrow and Codex Free Games PC

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Requirements Free Games Fade to Silence Free Download PC

1. Téléchargez le jeu de l'hôte.
2. Décompression exe.
3. Exécutez le fichier .exe pour démarrer l'installation.
4. Suivez le processus d'installation du jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
5. À la fin de l'installation, cliquez sur Terminer.
6. Jouer.

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