SALETÉ 4 Télécharger la version complète de Skidrow 2017

SALETÉ 4 Télécharger la version complète de Skidrow 2017

DIRT 4 Download Skidrow Full Version 2017


SALETÉ 4 Télécharger sur PC Info Game

SALETÉ 4 Télécharger Skidrow is the next part of the popular car games series created by the Codemasters Software team. The cycle is the spiritual heir of the iconic Colin McRae Rally. The production here, released on the PC Windows platform, is a natural extension of the ideas that have begun in its predecessorsbut it can also boast of a large number of new features. At SALETÉ 4 Télécharger Skidrow we sit at the wheel of over fifty cars, taking part in several championships. Rallies are organized in Sweden, Michigan, Pays de Galles, Spain and Australia. It is in their course to guide us with classics like the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 or the legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, as well as new cars, headed by the Ford Fiesta R5. en plus, the game features familiar Landrush mode, where players can sit down in the Pro Buggy, Pro-2 and Pro-4 drivers, and Crosskart to fight for victory in Nevada, Mexico, and California. The FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, a dedicated rallycross variant of the competition, allows you to participate in direct rallies at Lydden Hill, Montalegre, Hell, Holjes and Lohéac Bretagne.


  • Nom de fichier: SALETÉ 4 – Skidrow
  • Type de fichier: EXE
  • Plate-forme: PC
  • Jeux de langue: ENG
  • Information additionnelle: Une fois installé, lance le jeu. Il ne nécessite pas de fissure

SALETÉ 4 Télécharger sur PC

Skidrow Download

How to install DIRT 4?

1. Téléchargez le jeu.
2. Exécutez le programme d'installation téléchargé du jeu.
3. Installez le jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
4. À la fin de l'installation, activer skidrow.
5. Lorsqu'il est correctement installé, commencer le jeu.
6. Jouer.

SALETÉ 4 Télécharger sur PC Video

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The fulfillment of the whole is the so-called Joyride, where one can get out of the various challengesfrom time to destruction. The title draws a handful of the major, typically arcade-cycle hits, as well as the real-life DiRT Rally. The latter has taken advanced damage model and extensive system of mechanical damage to the vehicle. If during the ride we will seriously disassociate our four wheels, after it has finished we will not be left to the favor of the engineers working with us. The better (and more expensive) specialists we hire, the better they will be prepared to prepare the car for a re-startit is worth remembering that between the individual sections we have strictly limited time, which we can spend on possible repairs. The game also has a wide range of tuning optionsthe settings of the selected car can be adjusted to the individual preferences or conditions of the given track. There are different variants of SALETÉ 4 Télécharger Skidrow. The main mode is Career mode, where we create our own driver, and as we succeed, we win more sponsors and build an ever better and more efficient team. en plus, the title offers multiplayer based multiplayer rivalry, and complements them with daily, weekly and monthly challenges. The RaceNet service is all over the placeit hosts online leagues and tournaments. The system also watches over network rankings, where players can show their results. en plus, the game has implemented a special module called Your Stage, allowing you to create your own routes in a simple and intuitive waywe can share your work with other players and even compete for a better score.

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