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Detroit Become Human Codex Télécharger Version complète 2019

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Embedded in the cyberpunk realities of a movie adventure, for which the rise correspond to developers from the French studio Quantic Dreamthe creator of such games as Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls and bestselling Heavy Rain. Detroit Become Human Codex Download is a production from the borderline of adventure and interactive film, which is answered by the French studio Quantic Dream, known for such titles as Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Cette fois, the developers decided to develop the idea of ​​self-aware and emotionally aware androids, who first appeared in the technology demo from 2012. The main attraction of Detroit: Become Human is the plot, told from the perspective of three heroes-androids. The production takes place in the near future in the title city of Detroit. In the universe of games, machines that look and behave like people are commonly found, which creates serious social problems, such as high unemployment or the need for new resources. The protagonists are Kara and Markus, robots used to help at home and deal with its residents, and Connor, a prototype android, used by the police during investigations, hearings and negotiations. Through their interwoven stories, the player observes and participates in the appearance of machines that, through defect in the software began to rebel, run away from their owners and finally feel human emotions. Detroit Become Human Codex Download reminds Heavy Rain.

So it is an interactive story in which the game is mainly about exploring the surroundings, performing various activities and conducting dialogues. Due to the fact that the main characters are androids, players were given several new opportunities. Playing Connor, we can quickly analyze various data, for example related to the weapon left by the bandit. The robot can also reconstruct some events based on circumstantial evidence, which resembles the solution known from Batman: Arkham Origins. en plus, an extensive dialogue system was also prepared. The evidence found increases the pool of available issues, chosen at key moments, so if we do not get involved in the investigation, it may turn out that we will not have too many opportunities to conduct an important conversation. This is important because the dialogues largely influence the continuation of the plot and can have serious consequences. The player’s choices also play a huge role in Detroit Become Human free download. Depending on how we conducted a conversation or how exactly we searched a room, the game opens before us various fictional paths that drastically change the course of the entire story. If we make exceptionally unfortunate decisions, each of the three playable characters can prematurely die. The creators, toutefois, offered the opportunity to rewind time to specific scenes, in order to be able to see to which final the other elections would have led.

Quantic Dream studio took care of a high quality graphic design. Character models in Detroit: Become Human look great and the surroundings are rich in details. Stories served in David Cage’s games (or interactive movies, as they are sometimes called) after decomposing into prime factors at best turn out to be decent. The French visionary manages to mask it very effectively. Efficient plot management, jumping on various threads and regular putting players in the face of difficult choices causes that appearing in the presented stories of large logical holes or the use of trite motifs, you simply do not notice during the first attempt. You pay attention to it only after the fact, analyzing everything already calmly or going through the game again. The same is true of Detroit Become Human free download, the latest work of the Quantic Dream, in which we move to Detroit in the future and we become witnesses of the birth of awareness of androids. Heureusement, this time the studio managed to avoid such huge doubts as in Heavy Rain, and the last act is equal to the level of the whole and there is no disappointment with the tip like in the Fahrenheit, the story we are learning sticks to heavily worn patterns, the heroes are quite stereotypical, et le jeu – despite the encouraging topicdo not try to ask more ambitious questions.

These shortcomingsit would seem that significant in the case of a narrative positionsomehow completely do not interfere with the absorption of the plot, living with characters, worrying about accidentally failing one of the QTE sequences and, enfin, intense thinking, which of the numerous choices. David Cage again managed to charm us, servingdespite the fragile foundationsreally engaging interactive story. After presenting the criminal story of Heavy Rain and the paranormal Beyond studio Quantic Dream this time takes us into a full-fledged world of science fiction, to Detroit in 2038. The main difference between the present and the future of two decades are ubiquitous androids game. Dans Detroit Become Human torrent they are almost no-man-looking machines, designed to perform the toughest jobs, serve at home or provide sexual pleasures. Although there is no shortage of people who hate them, mainly because their introduction has contributed drastically to the rise in unemployment, the lives of the vast majority of mankind have become better thanks to them. While at first glance, the future appears in fairly bright colors, the police and the corporation producing androids are busily trying to hide a certain factfor several months the number of so-called defects, machines that have gained consciousness and rebelled against their owners, often responding with violence to regular abuse of them. And just in three androids, which can become defects in the course of the game, we come to embody.

Punishment is home help for a pathological familya figure who, if awakened, will try to start a new life. Marcus dealt with the ailing elderly man, but fate pushes him to lead the rebellious androids. Connor, on the other hand, is a highly advanced police model assigned to the task of pursuing defects. The fate of these three machines, bien sûr, intertwine with each other, although to a lesser extent than I expected. Threads Kara, Connor and Markus are mostly closed, independent stories. The game comes out for good, because thanks to this revolution we can see from places and perspectives that are strongly different from each other, getting to know her radically different aspects. It also gave the writers more room for maneuvering on nonlinearities, which was used diligently.

Detroit Become Human Codex Download

Codex Game

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1. Téléchargez le jeu de l'hôte.
2. Décompression exe.
3. Exécutez le fichier .exe pour démarrer l'installation.
4. Suivez le processus d'installation du jeu en suivant les instructions à l'écran.
5. À la fin de l'installation, cliquez sur Terminer.
6. Jouer.

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