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Elex 2 Free Download does not differ in mechanics from the classics of the genre. A fairly open world, the ability to jump into the vortex of cartographic exploration, many NPCs and various weapons. A new and successful experience in the previous installment was the combination of magic with laser weapons, hammers and axes, and a jetpack (essentially a belt). This explosive mixture brought the expected results.

Elex 2 Free Download

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Let’s start with the right information. Well, we have the full version game with all the content scheduled for the March premiere. It was therefore not a small section prepared especially for the press, and if I wanted to, I could finish this title now. This information pleasantly surprised me, because given the fact that this first version is probably dated. From at least a few weeks ago, this means that for the next few months, Piranha Bytes game Alex 2 can easily concentrate on polishing his new production. On the other hand, you may feel that there is still something to work on.

The first moments with play

The game makes such an impression after a few moments when the player takes control of his hero, who in Elex 2 Download is again the protagonist of the original, i.e. Jax. So we don’t have a character creator here and after a short introduction we immersed ourselves in the game. Already after the first mouse movements one feels that the Jax model has become a bit more inert and the control is less reactive.

It seemed to me that in the original, free pc games download I had no problem with it and installed the first game on purpose to see it in practice. And in fact! In ELEX, our character moves much faster and is generally better controlled. After a few hours of play with the sequel, that feeling was less overwhelming, but hopefully in the final version of the game, the creators manage to refine that element of the game.

The gameplay, which has hardly changed from the first installment, although in fact the foundations of the gameplay of ELEX 2 torrent date back to the time of the first Gothic. The game eagerly rewards us for exploring. And considered every nook and cranny of the map, it also has a development system. Specific character in which, in order to learn a given skill, we must first find the right trainer.

On the other hand, at the start of the game, our hero can kick his ass if he encounters an opponent. All these assumptions are still present in the sequel, which also in terms of technical aspects strongly refers to the first game. What we will not put on the positive side.

For example, the UI is immediately noticeable, which is even more spartan than the original and looks like a sort of test version of the UI than its final version. Also, some fundamental solutions are missing, for example tracking multiple tasks on the map at the same time, a function that MUST be available to the first one. The on-screen toolbar with shortcuts for items/skills has also disappeared from the game, which has now replaced the classic wheel activated by a button on the keyboard.

Still in terms of animation and general presentation, Elex 2 pc game has not made a big leap from the previous game. It is still the flagship representative of the so-called euro-janku and I can say with conviction that it will not be a game that will take Piranha Bytes to the next level in technical matters. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed with this.

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Especially since in 2019 the studio was bought by the large group THQ Nordic. So I hoped that the result of this transaction would be a title with a much larger budget. But you can see that in production Elex 2 Download, Piranhas did not have very large means. And certainly not much more than on the occasion of Jax’s first adventure. If not, then something must have gone wrong here.

On the one hand it hurts a bit, on the other I’m sure if you’re one of those people who can overlook certain technical imperfections, both probably won’t disappoint you. Especially since in some ways the game has grown even bigger. At the start of the game, for example, you receive a jetpack, which adds verticality to the gameplay and exploration.

Elex 2 Download

Our hero can also join up to five different factions (there were only three in one), each with unique abilities or equipment. Add to that a variety of skills Elex 2 free related to combat, survival, crafting or the aforementioned jetpack and we have many ways to develop our character. Comparing the map of one and two, it seems to me that in the sequel there will be an even bigger world to explore, which, after all, already impressed with its size in the first game.

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