Days Gone Download Codex PC Full Version Free 2019

Days Gone Download Codex PC Full Version Free 2019

Days Gone Download Codex PC

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Platform : PC

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Days Gone Download Codex PC is an adventure action game on PS4 and PC, set in post-apocalyptic North America. Ravaged by a mysterious virus. Bend Studio is responsible for production, having Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PlayStation Vita, which was released in 2012. Days Gone is the first team project prepared for PlayStation 4.

The Days Gone Download Codex PC action takes place two years after the outbreak of a global virus pandemic. Which turned millions of people into mindless creatures, called survivors of “freakers”. The main character is a former motorcycle gang member and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John. The man tries to cope with the loss of love of life and the complete disintegration of the world known to him. The leitmotif is to be survival, not looking for a cure for illness and saving the world.

By presenting his story, the game often returns to the past – the time before the appearance of the virus, which decimated humanity. There is also the topic of the NERO organization (National Emergency Response Organization), which tried to cope with the pandemic – unfortunately to no avail. The choices made by the player influence the shape of the story.

Days Gone Download free for the PS4 and PC platform is a classic action adventure game in which the camera is constantly behind the back of the main character. During the game, we explore the extensive sandboks map, perform tasks (main and side – eg cleaning camps with bandits or hunting animals) and fight with enemies – both people and with various types of dangerous virus victims. The latter often move in hordes of up to several hundred individuals, and also have their own needs and the daily cycle regulating their behavior.

An interesting detail that adds variety to the fun is the partial interactivity of the environment – we have the possibility, among others pushing opponents on objects or cutting ropes supporting cut trees. The creators also put a lot of emphasis on tactics and planning – especially in the case of clashes with human enemies. We fight using the extensive arsenal, including machine guns, shotguns or snipers.

Deacon also has several special skills, such as slowing down time during a fight (classic bullet time) or so-called. survival vision, allowing you to highlight important items and enemies, making it easier to see what and who surrounds us – and where potential threats may be hidden. As you progress through the game, the hero can learn new things and gradually develop statistics (such as life or endurance). The game has an extensive, but relatively easy to use system of crafts, for the needs of which we collect large quantities of various materials (some of them are obtained from freakers).

Motorbike is also very important for the game, on which we move on the map. We can customize its appearance, technical parameters (eg by changing tires or the engine), as well as acquiring other improvements, such as bags that allow you to carry more items. Interestingly, our steel steed requires gasoline, the amount of which must be taken care of if we do not want to get stuck in a dangerous wasteland.

During the Sony panel at the E3 conference, the subject of survival horror Days Gone Download free was discussed, which will be released only on the PlayStation 4, PC in March 2019. One of the issues raised was the openness of the world presented in the game, which we will explore without loading screens. In addition, there were interesting information about the opponents in the game or even the importance of the player’s decisions. The fully open world of Days Gone will not only not have charging screens, but also important players will be able to enter every building in the game. This will allow full exploration of the environment without having to wait for the location to load.

You can move around the area using a motorcycle that will play Days Gone Download Codex an important role in Days Gone review. The vehicle will require constant care and according to the developers it is like the second character in the game. The player will have to make the necessary repairs, improvements and also take care of refueling. In the case of the disappearance of our vehicle it will be necessary to recover it, because we do not experience other machines that can be “mounted”.

The world in Days Gone free download will be filled with dangers to the brim. The main opponents of Deacon will be mutated wild animals, the cult of rifles and the so-called “freakers”, or zombies-like mutants. The latter will not be next wandering aimlessly with monsters, and beings having their daily cycle, during which they must eat, drink, and sleep. The creators of Days Gone also mentioned the possibility of building their nests, the purpose of which will be known during the game. In addition, as players, we will be able to influence the fate of other characters by making decisions at key moments of play. Only with us on the website SkidrowKey the best games on pc.

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Days Gone Download Codex PC Full Version Free 2019

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5. At the end of the installation, click Finish.
6. To play.

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