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Contraband Police Codex

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Contraband Police Codex Download

Codex download game pc

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Contraband Police Codex Download 2024 Free

Contraband Police Codex Download

Simulator of a policeman delegated to work at one of the border points. Our task is to check drivers who often carry illegal goods, including drugs and weapons. Contraband Police Codex Download is a PC platform game created by the native Crazy Rocks studio. This company is known for fighting Street Warriors Online, which focused on the fighting kiboli. This time, the developers set out for another unusual subject – smuggling. The PlayWay publishing company has released a number of games, including Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and Agony.

This game is a typical simulator without a deeper history. Players play the role of a policeman whose goal is to catch smugglers carrying goods in sophisticated hiding places in vehicles. The gameplay in Contraband Police Codex Download is not overly complicated, but offers a lot of possibilities. As a law enforcement officer, we must stop drivers for routine border control. During work, be vigilant as many people entering the country are smugglers. To catch a delinquent in the act, we must first identify him and check the list of transported goods.

Then you have to look at the package, if everything really agrees. However, this is not all, because sometimes illegal goods, such as weapons or drugs, can be hidden in other parts of the vehicle, even under the hood. So it is worth to unscrew the battery, for example, to check if the contraband is hidden in it.

As a policeman, we are also obliged to check the machine technically. You need to pay attention to damaged headlights, broken mirrors, etc. If you find defects, you must issue an appropriate mandate. In addition, we receive new tasks and guidelines every day, so you also sometimes need to check, for example, whether the machine is within the weight limit. If everything agrees, then let the driver go. However, if it turns out to be a smuggler, we face another choice. We can arrest him or accept a bribe and forget about the case.

However, be careful because our actions affect the respect of other policemen. Doing a good job and not making mistakes means that we get special points on our account, which we spend on various improvements, such as new tools that allow us to more accurately check vehicles or the possibility of employing a police dog. New game Car Trader Simulator free download.

Contraband Police Codex presents a satisfactory level of graphic design. The game focuses on realism, so we do not experience spectacular special effects in it, but the vehicles have been well mapped, and the action takes place in the climatic mountainous terrain, thanks to which it is a pleasure to look at the screen. Contraband Police is a simulator of border guard inspector, struggling with smugglers. Contraband Police will take us somewhere on the Mongolian border, where hundreds of various kinds of objects are illegally transported every day.

Our task is to thoroughly check the driving license of the driver and the list of transported goods, and then find out any inaccuracies between the documents and the actual state. Each vehicle must be thoroughly checked for technical problems – dripping oil, bald tires, broken lights and more. The more deficiencies we notice, the higher the amount will be on the issued mandate.

Next, it’s time to look for the title contraband hidden deep in the vehicle components or in the transported load. It depends on our morals whether we accept a bribe from a driver or put him behind bars. Sometimes we will have to go in pursuit and make a stop. With the progress of the game, we will be able to improve and better equip our station, which will allow us to perform our duties even better.

Returning to the game Contraband Police Codex, the player’s task is to check drivers, often carrying illegal goods, including drugs and weapons, searching for hidden caches in which smugglers store banned goods. We are in charge of drivers and in the event of contraband detection we punish fines.

There are times when drivers flee from the place of control, so we must go after them in pursuit and shoot smugglers. I would suggest crossing this game to every candidate to work on the border as a customs officer or Border Guard but also to every player who wants to feel the charms of work on the border and struggle with smugglers. The very possibility of exposing a penalty ticket to a delta can be a real attraction, not to mention finding contraband in many really cleverly organized hiding places.

Contraband Police torrent Download PlayWay is a PC Windows game created by the native Crazy Rocks studio. This company is known for a simple game, attractive for many of our fans and jumping enthusiasts Kamil Stoch and Adam Małysz -Ski Sniper- a simple shooter for our favorite or skydivers competing with our favorites.

Contraband Police Free Download

Codex download game pc

Requirements Free Games Contraband Police Free Download PC

1. Download the game of the host.
2. Decompression exe.
3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.
4. Go through the game installation process according to the instructions on the screen.
5. At the end of the installation, click Finish.
6. To play.

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Contraband Police codex
Contraband Police Download
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Contraband Police Free

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