Bum Simulator Codex Download Full Version 2020

Bum Simulator Codex Download Full Version 2020

The 2020 simulation game Bum Simulator Codex Download is here. Find a job or find relief to take revenge! You live on the street. What will you do Will you adapt and survive? Do you want to take revenge on those who sort you out? Will you become a local legend? The possibilities are limitless! In addition to trying to survive day to day, you can enjoy many unique activities.

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Bum Simulator Codex Download

Dirty alleys, busy streets, pawnbrokers, liquor stores, city park, metro and canals. Go where you want and when you want. Enjoy an open, crazy and urban sandbox. There Bum Simulator are many secrets to discover and achievements to unlock. In each place you will find interesting characters with a rich history and tasks to accomplish. There is no room for boredom in the life of a menela!

Human creativity knows no boundaries and virtual worlds give you unlimited reach. There was already a simulator of an office worker, a goat and even slices of bread. It’s time for a game in which you play the role of a menela and fight for survival on the street. The controversial production is the work of a Polish studio. We asked: what did the author mean?

PlayWay is a giant in the video game industry specializing in the production of simulators. Their virtual car workshop or “Car Mechanic Simulator” turned out to be a mega hit and reigned last year on the popular Steam website. The studio also has, among other things, a farmer, a cook and a truck driver simulator. Bum Simulation pc download will soon join the portfolio.

“Discover the inner capacities of the absent, train the vile pigeons of the city, solve the secret of the inhabitants of rats living in the sewers, learn the secrets of the Alchemy of alcohol… and much more!” – le game is announced by the creators themselves. In the trailer, our hero takes to the streets, somewhere in the United States, and must survive. As a player, we control his actions.

So we’re picking up trash, fighting other minions and police, stealing pawnshop stuff, and building a cardboard shelter. – We want to show that everyone is a blacksmith of their destiny, that’s why the player must decide what his goal will be in the game – explains Błażej Sanecki, CEO of Alleyway Games, who is a developer Bum Simulator PC Download.

Where did the idea for such an unusual simulation come from? – The inspirations come from documents published on the Internet and from our own street observations – explains the developer. – You will find many interesting people there, also positive about their situation, with incredible stories to tell. The choice fell on the United States, mainly because of the worldwide recognition, but it is possible that in the future we will add the possibility of visiting other places -, explains Sanecki.  PC games download

A game in which the problem of homelessness and alcoholism is presented in a fun way, and created by a Polish company, listed on the stock exchange? It sounds quite controversial, especially since last year’s statistics – more than 33,000 Poles have no roof over their heads, and poverty is a big problem for our country. So I asked the developer if he was exaggerating. On our site, you will find the latest game simulators to download.

Let’s start with the fact that our game is a Bum Simulator free download, not “Homeless Simulator”. It tells the story of a menela, not a homeless person. In our opinion, this is a huge difference, because we tell the story of a man who is strongly twisted and leads a lifestyle of his choice – explains Sanecki. The game is to make you think. – Menel wants to change his situation, his needs and is looking for help, and we should help these people – underlines the person in charge of the Alley Games. – We would never have thought of laughing at people whose fate has robbed them of a roof over their heads.

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