Afghanistan 11 Download Full Version Skidrow Crack

Afghanistan 11 Download Full Version Skidrow Crack


Afghanistan 11 Download


Afghanistan 11 Download on PC Info Game

Afghanistan 11 Download an unusual turn-based strategy released on PC Windows platform, developed by the studio Every Single Soldier in cooperation with RetroEpic Software. It is a continuation of the game Vietnam ’65, ie the previous production of the same artists. The game’s story tells about the events of the war in the Middle East for the years 2001 – 2011. The duties of the Allied forces should be equipped and trained Afghan security forces, which will be responsible for the country after leaving it by the Americans, but also the battle for the favor of local civilians. This amounts to the construction of roads, creating water supplies in villages and cities and to provide assistance from the UN. These activities form the basis of mechanics “hearts and minds”, already known from Vietnam ’65. As with the previous game studios Every single Soldier, also in Afghanistan 11 Download they are shown the realities of war, focusing on the psychological sphere of the participating people.

Afghanistan 11 INFO

  • File name: Afghanistan 11 – Skidrow
  • File Type: EXE
  • Platform: PC
  • Language Games: ENG
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Afghanistan 11 Download on PC


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How to install Afghanistan 11?

1. Download the game.
2. Run the downloaded installer of the game.
3. Install the game according to the instructions on the screen.
4. At the end of the installation, activate skidrow.
5. When correctly installed, start the game.
6. Play.

This means that in addition to the open exchanges of fire, players must engage in activities aimed at ensuring the safety of local communities, eg. Construction of new buildings or provide aid of UNICEF. All this is offered in the new campaign mode for single player, which consists of 18 missions. They reconstruct events from the foundation base of Camp Rhino up to the raid on Osama Bin Laden in Operation Neptune Spear. In Afghanistan 11 Download we have the ability to command both the US Army and the Afghan, and all this during ground operations and air. At our disposal we were given drones, multi-purpose fighter planes and assault, to facilitate the discovery of enemy positions. In addition, the game is available a full range of modern military units, including artillery, infantry, mechanized units, engineers and helicopters. A novelty in relation to Vietnam ’65 are random social and political events, such as. Presidential elections in Afghanistan, which directly affect the gameplay by changing the distribution of forces on the Afghan political scene.

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